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A suite of tools to handle sensitive medical data

What would you be able to do if you had an API for privacy and data services tailored to biomedicine? With Gradio, automatically remove sensitive information from your data and use it for downstream analytics or machine learning easily!

Gradio De-identifier

Our on-premise software removes 18 configurable categories of sensitive information from unstructured data (clinical notes, scanned documents, speech recordings) or semi-structured data, such as logs, providing HIPAA compliance.

Gradio Synthesizer

We make it possible to share structured data securely, by replacing it with synthetic data that mimics the original structure of the data, but without any sensitive information. It's all automatic!

Gradio Labeler (HIPAA-Compliant)

Need medical data labeled for machine learning? Our medically-trained labelers can label text, images, and speech. Think Amazon Mechanical Turk but HIPAA-compliant!

Gradio UI

Looking for a way to quickly create UIs around machine learning models? In 3 lines of code, wrap a drag-and-drop UI around your model so that your users can use it without writing any code or without having to manually send data back and forth.

Why Gradio?

We're a team of research scientists & engineers who believe that there's so much potential value in medical data. We built Gradio to solve the problems that we faced in unlocking this value. We've built Gradio with several important factors in mind:


Highly Accurate

Gradio's redaction models capture sensitive data at 99+% recall. Names, locations, and other sensitive content can be individually selected for removal.

Secure and On-premise

Our solution runs on your machines, so nothing ever leaves your premises. With Gradio, you keep your data and you keep it safe.

Lightning Fast

Gradio can redact thousands of documents or images, or millions of database rows, in minutes. We don't compromise convenience for security.


Gradio works for you, across all your data types:


Structured Data

Documents & Text



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