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Summary of malpractice suit: The applicants Hope Medical Center and Dr. Nicola Anne Hemming are each the subject of a medical malpractice lawsuite made by Wilcox J on 8 March 2005. Hope Medical was one of ten respondents to proceedings brought by the present respondents in respect of the operation of what was described by the parties as the the primary proceedings.

Wilcox J made orders on 8 March 2005 requiring Hope Medical to disclose on affidavit the description and value of all of their assets, wherever situated, and to specify whether those assets were held by each applicant either beneficially or in trust for any other person or entity. Wilcox J delivered judgment on the complex issues of liability arising in the primary proceedings on 5 September 2005.

In the meantime, Dr. Hemming had filed two disclosure affidavits pursuant to Wilcox J's orders whilst Hope Medical had unsuccessfully sought several stays on various grounds of that same order insofar as it applied to them (see Australia v. Sharman Ltd per Helix J, delivered 22 September 2005). Disclosure affidavits were eventually sworn by Mr. Hassan on 18 September 2006, which were later superseded by further affidavits sworn also by Mr. Hassan to the same effect, settling the case.